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Obsidian WordPress Plugin

This an obsidian plugin for publishing documents to WordPress CMS.

How to install

The plugin could be installed in Community plugins by searching wordpress as keyword.

How to use

Before publishing, necessary WordPress settings should be done in WordPress tab of Settings.


You can find settings as following:

Let’s say a WordPress could be access by

How to add tags

You can add tags for posts since version 0.9.0.

Tags should be added in the front matter of notes. Front matter could be created by YAML section at the front. For example,

# This is title
title: Post title which will override note title, not required
  - tag 1
  - tag 2
This is content.

How to config WordPress plugins

WordPress REST API Authentication by miniOrange

In the plugin settings page, select BASIC AUTHENTICATION.


In the next page, select Username & Password with Base64 Encoding then Next.


Finally, click Finish.


How to config application passwords

Application passwords was introduced in WordPress 5.6.

You need to login WordPress and navigate to ‘Profile’ page.


You could use any application name you want, then click ‘Add New Application Password’ button.


Here you need to save generated password as it only shows once. Spaces in the password will be ignored by WordPress automatically.

Then you could use your login username and the application password in Obsidian WordPress plugin.

How to use with supports OAuth 2.0 to protect REST API. This plugin add OAuth 2.0 for

When using with, a valid site URL should be input first (let’s say Then select ‘REST API for’, the browser should be raised to open authorize page. After clicking ‘Approve’ button, should be raised again and the plugin should be authorized.

Note, the plugin fetched token might be expired in two weeks by default. If publishes failed some day, ‘Refresh’ button should be clicked in order to get a new token.